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redirct page if user matches – "field value"?

  • shedmore


    Anybody have any ideas how I could do something along these lines:

    I need to figure out where (in the “wordpress process” of things) should I add a conditional to redirect the user to a page based on a field I created in BuddyPress

    So lets say I have a field named “referred-by”…and if a user has that field set to “google”, I want to only be able to access one SET page on the entire site – and I want all other pages to redirect to that (based on that conditional)

    The buddypress/conditional aspect is pretty straightforward…using the get_field function…But I am getting lost in where I should “attach” this type of conditional in the scheme of things….somewhere in the “POST” functionality? Im really not sure

    Any advice??? Thanks!

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