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Redirect Activation Email To Specified Account

  • DOA Batman


    Wordpress- 3.9.1
    Buddypress- 2.0.1

    I’m not good at php but my Dev dropped my site on me and gave up without warning. I have learned a bit and spent the last 8 months finishing my site solo.

    Anyways, the last thing I need to do before I can launch my site to my gaming community is to find a way to redirect the new user activation email to a specified email address. If your wondering why I need is, it’s because my community is invite only and there are hundreds of members. So for me to use a verification plugin, I would have to accept every member myself or give admin privileges to a lot of people. Not something I would like to do. If I can redirect the email and send it to a specified email. Then all I have to do is give certain member access to that email account and they can “verify” new members.

    I have googled the crap out of this and the closest to what I am looking for was found on this site

    Unfortunately, this topic seems to be incomplete, I did try the “add filter” to functions.php and it restricted my new user registration completely. Which I really don’t understand how, and yes I did have “anyone can register” checked in my general settings.

    So if someone could assist me, that would be great, I have exhausted all other options I can think of.

    Thanks in advance.

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