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Redirecting, and adding to groups page questions

  • FlickChicks


    This is a bit complicated, so hopefully you guys can follow…

    My site is not “locked down”, meaning people can visit many of the pages without being registered/logged-in.

    I am creating a box on my sidebar that will be seen on all pages whether you are logged-in or not. The box has two buttons. One that says “Find a Group” and one that says “Create a Group.”

    The “Find a Group” button sends logged-in *or* logged-out users to a search page I created using the Geo My Wp plugin (great plugin). There users see a list of groups in their area based on a zip code search and can click on the group name, which takes them to the group’s homepage.

    Problem #1…How do I add a link/button on a group’s page, when someone is *not* logged-in, that says “To join this group you must be logged-in” (or something to that effect).

    The next issue involves the “Create a Group” button. It sends users who *are* logged in to the create a group page ( However it sends non-logged in users to the same URL but it says “Not Found”.

    Problem #2…How do I send users who click on “Create a Group” who are *not* logged-in to a page that says, “To create a group you must be logged-in. If you are not a member you must register first” (or something to that effect) with hyperlinks on “logged-in” and “register”.

    Is any of this possible? I’m still pretty new to all of this so I’m not sure.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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