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Redirecting BP Profile Search

  • mrgarethnunn


    Is their a way to customise BP Profile search process? If yes I’m interested to pursue and donate. I need two things (1) I have created 3 groups within BuddyPress Extended/Custom Profile Fields, is their a way to alter BP Profile Search script where by all fields within Group 3 are mapped to fields within Group 2, meaning when a user selects certain fields from Group 3 dropdown menus, BP Profile searches these selections against fields in Group 2, then returns partial/best match profiles.

    (2) Is their a way to display which profiles returned in results are closest match to search criteria using a % indicator i.e “this profile is a 90% match” or “this profile is a “30%match”?

    Keen to progress this project asap. Any assitance or bids truley welcomed.

    Thank You!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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