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Redirection behaviour when BP url not found

  • linguabuddy



    I’m experiencing some really odd behaviour when trying to change the slug for my group directory and redirect traffic.

    My set-up is: BP 9.1.1; BBp 2.6.6, WP 5.8.1

    Short explanation:

    • traffic to a pre-change (/[old]/[groupname]) group url is being redirected to (/[new]/[groupname]/forum)
    • This happens regardless of whether:
      • There is a specific redirect in place
      • There is a regex redirect in place (/[old]/(.*) to /[new]/$1/)
      • There is no redirect at all
    • My redirect provider – Rank Math – can’t explain this.

    I’ve not modified my hta, and the only other redirect rules in page on the site relate to post-login behaviour. It seems there’s something deep within Buddypress, BBpress or WordPress which is driving this, but I have no idea what.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I dare not make this change on my live site without resolving and having a clear idea what’s behind it.

    Appreciate any suggestions…

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