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Refresh activity, private message etc.

  • Pietrogramma


    Hey everybody, I’m buiklding a site for a soacial network (like facebook) and i don’t know how i can refresh the page for new post in my wall or new private message.
    I installed the plugin “RS Buddypress Activity Refresh” but it don’t work. If I send a message at my profile with another profile, in my page don’t refresh the activity; for to see the new activity I must refresh the page manually .
    Thanks and bye bye

    In italian: Ciao a tutti sto realizzando un social network (tipo Facebook) e non capisco come fare il refresh della pagina per ricevere le notifiche su nuovi post scritti sulla mia bacheca o messaggi provati. Ho provato con il plugin “RS Buddypress Activity Refresh” ma nulla. Se mi mando un messaggio provato nel mio account non vedo le notifiche a meno che npn eseguo il refresh manualmente.
    Ciao e grazie

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  • danbp


    As stated by the plugin decription:

    The JavaScript file “refresh.js” will send every 10 seconds an ajax request to wp-load.php to get the new activities.

    If you still have trouble after 10 seconds, you preferably ask about this on the plugin support.
    Note also that the plugin is compatible up to: 3.8 / 1.8.1 so it may no more work today !

    SPQR !



    Hey, Danbp, thanks for your reply.
    I removed the plugin “RS Buddypress Activity Refresh” and now I haven’t none plugin of this type. I activated in buddypress/setting the voice “refresh page” and I waited for 10 seconds but the page don’t refreshered, how can resolve?
    none of you had the same problem
    Thanks and bye bye



    i’m after the same solution.
    i’ve been reading dozens of threads so far, but nothing has helped.

    i’ve got auto-refresh enabled in BP options, but i do not get to see the “Load newest” link when users post comments.

    the theme i’m using is destin basic (i’ve just asked the author for help too).

    what could i check? is there a way to spot any AJAX/JS related problem using Firebug, for instance?

    thanks for any assistance!



    @maxgx, please don’t double post.
    I answered you here:

    Topic closed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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