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/register… blank

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  • Burt Adsit


    On the main page when I click the “Sign up” button, it goes to /register… and 404’s.

    /register? Can you give me a link to your site? What is a Clark Connect box?

    I’m guessing ‘main page’ is the bp home theme. There are three places a user can choose to signup from there. The admin bar ‘sign up’ the home theme header area ‘login’ and ‘sign up’ buttons and if you are using the welcome widget it has a ‘create account’ button. All three launch wp-signup.php as far as I can see.

    Using the url running the home theme gets the normal registration functions in the left sidebar.

    Anything else is a config problem on that box that isn’t allowing normal bp behavior.

    Hi burtadsit, this relates to my reply to the other post :).

    It looks like none of the category slugs get created during the install ( well, not on mine at least ). It also seems like the rewrite rules are screwy, because the only permalink option that works is the default – anything directory based ( e.g. months and name or numeric ) gives 404’s. :(

    ClarkConnect is a variant on a Linux CentOS distro, basically a packaged LAMP web server with a nice web based control panel.

    I’ve spent about 5 hours on this now… getting nowhere. I doubt a full re-install will help my cause – nothing failed or bombed the first time, and I would just repeat the same. In spite of that, I might try it on one of my shared hosting accounts on a public facing server… and see what happens. If it works, at least I can play “spot the difference”. ;)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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