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Registering and Email Activation links Not Working

  • snowlas


    I think I am close to solving the non working Email activation list, but can an experienced developer give me the answer?

    This is my previous thread on the issue:

    This is the thread many of us reported the same problem:

    Here is my problem. Activation emails do not work, even when copying and pasting the key into the activation box. I am running BP 1.5.4 and WP 3.3.1.

    Scenario I have on my website: Users register on the WordPress Register page, not the BuddyPress register page.

    They are sent an email, they click activate and are directed to a box to place a code even though there is no code.

    I was able to alter the email that was sent out to include the key in the email. Copying and Pasting does not activate a user.

    I also changed the email to include a link to the reset password page, when users hit get new password, it says they don’t exist as a user.

    NOW, when I just registered from the Buddy Press register page, I got an email with a working activation link and it activated the account. I want to make note that even though I changed the email going out from the bp_core_filters.php file and I sent out modded emails before, this time the modded email content DID NOT go out. The modded email is still there in bp_core_filters.php, but the email I got was similar to the original emails. All it had was a link in it. Thus, the email that was sent out came from a different part of the BuddyPress plugin. And this email WORKS.

    I need to register from the WordPress side because I’m using CIMY to collect address information that I don’t want to be part of the public BuddyPress file.

    Can anyone offer insight?

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