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Registration Email with wrong passwort, WPMU Bug?

  • madloki



    is this a bug? I use wpmu 2.8.4a with bp1.1 and djpauls welcomepack (works fine now :p). After register an new account (with blog) the confirmation email comes with this:

    Deine Zugangsdaten:

    Benutzername: testi

    Passwort: 47913d81

    Hier kannst du dich einloggen:

    But the password was testi, too! Mysterious, what can i do? :-/


    In the group email from your welcome plugin the link doesnt work:

    Um deine Gruppeneinladungen zu sehen: <- with 2 slashes

    Plugin oder bp? Where can i fix this?

    kind regards


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  • takuya


    If you think it’s wpmu problem, then this isn’t the place to ask questions… :)

    The group invite code in Welcome Pack 1.4 now just calls the BuddyPress functions. BP Bug?



    @socialpreneur: but here are some good cracks ;-)

    @djpaul: has anyone else this problem with the password? Don´t know, if this is an bug from wpmu :(



    I am also having problems with Welcome Pack. BP1.1 & BP1.1.1 same problem, WPMU2.8.4a. Fatal error on activation of the plugin, though it mostly works here’s what I get:

    Register a user as admin in dashboard, select “skip confirmation”. Sends out confirmation anyhow, and email dies at activation link. I do get all other welcome pack emails except:

    If sent from main WPMU blog don’t get the email that states username & pw

    If sent from sub blog do get the email that states username & pw

    Both tests have the same confirmation email that shouldn’t be sent that dies at activation link.

    Welcome Pack 1.41 is out now, see if this clears up any issues.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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