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Registration fail – page just reloads

  • Narada Das


    Strangely this problem appeared
    then the next day I did a test registration that worked fine
    then again immediately afterwards I tried another test and cant manage to register again.
    The registration page simply reloads without any success mesage
    and the new user does not appear in the database.
    Turning off Buddypress allows user registration again.

    I am running the latest WP and BP.
    I have disabled all but the most basic plugins and that makes no diff.
    I am usin the atahualpa theme with the BP Template pack apparently successfully installed.
    I guess the next thing to do is try activatng the default BP theme
    and see if that affects the problem.

    Any suggestions from people who know more than I do (almost anyone here Im sure) very welcome…

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  • Narada Das


    Has anyone had a problem with the registration page reloading and the registration not going through? What makes this wierder is that after the problem appeared I managed to do one proper registration and then it has been failing again ever since.

    And did you try it with the BP default theme?
    You’re not logged in to the site and trying to activate a registration using the same browser are you?

    Narada Das


    No I was not logged in and
    yes I am now trying thr default theme and it seems okay so far.
    I notice with the default theme that if I enter an already used email address or username I get an error message.
    I dont think that was happening in my other theme so I guess thats a clue.
    Not being a programmer I think I will go with modifying the default theme rather than trying to make something else work.

    I have been working through a similar problem where WP sends an activation email and the new user replies. The user is then logged in to WP but NOT BP…. so if the user tries to login as BP says they should it will generate an error because they are already logged in!

    I am having to tell newly registered users to close their browser then re-open and login.

    If someone comes up with a more viable option I would be very grateful.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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