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Registration form => 404 not found

  • ramano15


    Hi there!

    Im using LMS theme made by designthemes:

    My website:

    Latest version wordpress 4.6.

    I have spend my day why my buddypress isnt showing a registration page. The theme processes buddypress slightly different than the normal themes. They ask you to make an login&registration page with a login-template. With that being done, the registration form doesnt show op.

    So i tried some of the solutions here:
    – reinstalling
    – unplugging every plugin
    – putting up the set up as asked for by buddypress (member pages, registration pages etc.) and linking them in the buddpress-option menu.

    I am getting kind of desperate here, because I have run out of option.

    Thank you for repying

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  • danbp



    You have to install BP correctly on WordPress as very first.
    This means particulary that you use WordPress with one of default’s Twenty theme.
    – install BuddyPress
    – activate the component you want to use
    – ensure that each component has his own page
    – pretty permalinks must be activated too.

    To get a proper register page, allow user registration in WP settings and add manually, if not created automatically, a “register” page to BP.

    NOTE: BP pages are not usual WP pages. They are only placeholder (a unique ID in the wp ecosystem) where BP will show dynamic content. These page must be unique and shouldn’t be asigned to any template or model. Give them a title and you’re done.

    once WP+BP work correctly together and you can access to the register page without trouble, you can be sure that this couple is definetly OK.

    No it’s time to activate a custom theme if you use one. An if something gooes wrong at this stage you’re sure it’s the new theme who is the culprit.

    And if the new theme is working correctly with WP+BP, you can install plugins.

    And again, WP+BP+Theme = OK, but what about the plugin ?

    Easy to understand, easy to build, very annoying to write this for the 589 000 time, but still the only way to install BP.

    On your side, you need to follow these steps, but also to read the documentation from codex and of course, from any additionnal plugin you want to use !

    That said, be warned that we can’t assist you on this forum with third party premium theme or plugins as we have no free access to their code.

    Bradley Ross


    It may be that you don’t have mod_rewrite activated in httpd.conf. Make sure that the LoadModule statement for mod_rewrite is uncommented. (Remove # sign at beginning.) Also look for a statement <Directory /xxx> where /xxx is the directory containing the files for the web site. If you see AllowOverride None in that section, change it to AllowOverride FileInfo or add FileInfo to the current set of options.

    Back up httpd.conf before making changes

    Please let me know if this works.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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