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Registration Form ShortCode

  • beda69



    I see this question a to, and surprisingly no solutions are provided.

    The Issue:

    I need the register form (Buddypress “your site/register) on my homepage.
    ==> Note that the register form should be in kind of a sidebar or similar,
    means not occupy the entire page.
    Mainly the homepage has his content, like the login form, some titles, some foots etc.
    and on the same homepage the registration form should also be present.

    I have taken different steps to achieve this and none works properly.
    I won’t explain them all but believe me I have tried a lot.

    The last what I would ike to try before i give up is creating a short code, so I can insert that short code in my homepage (I use the wp-views plugin, so I could add that short code everywhere on the homepage)

    where is the Buddypress register function???
    I need that function so I can create the short code.

    Where is it? in which file?
    Or is there already a shortcode?

    HAS anybody a idea / solution on how to render the register form on a homepage beneath otehtr content?

    I mena, there is a “Login Widget”, a activity widget, etc etc.
    but NO register widget??


    any useful info is very appreciated…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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