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Registration Form (with extended fields): Required Fields Left Blank issue

  • klogan2


    Hi folks,
    Got my registration form all set up, very easy backend, love it. I have several extended fields included in the ‘Base’ (PRIMARY), such as address, phone & so on, with most of these extra fields chosen to be ‘Required’.
    Screen grab showing problem:
    Testing the form, I find that if I leave an extended ‘Required’ field blank, I do not get any error message displayed. The form submission doesn’t go through (to the ‘Check Your Email to Activate’ page) UNLESS all the required fields are filled in,,, BUT as I say, there are no error messages displayed (like the User, Email, Password, Confirm fields). IF ALL the fields ARE filled in, the form submission successfully works.
    Using WP 3.9 (with slightly modified Twenty-Thirteen Theme) & BP 2.0 (no mods,,yet).
    Developing site:

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  • godavid33


    Does the page refresh when you click submit? My first impression would be to use javascript to check the values of each field (so use something like

    if( == “email”){
    //Do something to make sure email is valid

    and then either bind this to the input change or form submit event (you will have to do a bit of googling on how to bind to these correctly) but there might be a better way. I havent gotten deep into BP reg forms yet



    The page does refresh (when a required field is left empty), drops one or 2 of the values (like month & year in a birthdate field),,, but doesn’t show the error messages for any blank fields in the Profile portion of the form.
    Thanks for your suggestion,,, I’d say that’s probably way over my head,,,I might be able to do it ‘eventually’,, but I hope an easier solution comes up 🙂
    Missing Error Messages in registration form



    Maybe silly question,,, are there error messages in the ‘Profile Details’ portion of the form?



    hmmm, no,, maybe I didn’t ask a silly question, I don’t think there ARE error fields for the extended profile registration fields,, along the lines of bp_signup_password_errors and then do_action( 'bp_signup_password_errors' ); in the appropriate places,,, which in this case would seem to be in the div class=editfield.
    Don’t know yet how to solve this,,, but thinking about it



    SO it seems the ‘Profile Details’ portion of the registration form, in spite of the fact that the people that wrote the BP app allow for ‘required’ fields in the ‘Profile Details’ portion of the form, neglected or forgot to include validating the ‘Profile Details’ portion of the form (OR chose NOT to),,,, anyone know how to do this???,,, as efficiently as it’s being done for say the user/email/password fields???
    I’ve been reading up on validating forms,,and it actually seems like something I could do, but not without rewriting the BP files,,which I would really like to avoid (BP updates would overwrite the changes). I would think it might be possible to do via the theme function files,,,but beyond adding a function here, or a filter there, my knowledge/experience wouldn’t be sufficient I think to accomplish this task,,,
    So,,any ideas/methods how to deal with this?? Answers would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Kevin Logan



    Thanks for the report, @klogen2.

    I’ve duplicated the bug and have opened a ticket with a suggested fix:

    We’ll have this addressed for v2.0.1.



    BRILLIANT,,, Cheers!!! 🙂

    EDIT: The patch works a treat!!! CHEERS,,, would have taken me DAYS to figure out some sort of solution to this,,, you saved my butt r-a-y ,,, many many thanks

    The fix for this has made it into BP 2.0.1, which should be released very soon.



    This is still a problem for me and I can not figure out a solution.
    Does anyone have a fix or a work around?

    Thank you in advance.

    Page reference:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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