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Registration link in email does not work

  • The Hoff


    when a user registers to my site, he gets an email with a confirmation link and registration code. But the link does not work, it sais “page not found”.
    The page is there, and I can open it in a new private window when logged in, but not from the email link. The registration code also works, I copied it into the field on the and it got confirmed.
    The “everyone is allowed to register” is ticked.
    I also deactivated all my plugins, didn’t make a change…
    Do you have any other ideas, where the problem could be or what I could try?
    My site is – I’m using Astra theme, it also doesn’t work when changing to twenty-nineteen. I’m using wp Version 5.5.1–de_DE and BP version 6.3.0.
    Thanks… Benni.

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  • iamthewebb


    I’ve just created a testing5 user and the whole process worked fine for me, no issues opening the link in the email or activating. Could it be your email client that is truncating the link or something?

    The Hoff


    Hi @iamthewebb, thanks for the reply.
    Hmm, maybe, I’m going to do some tests about this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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