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Registration not working

  • rileydong


    The registration process on my website is not working.
    wordpress 4.4.1
    buddypress 1.3.3

    After I have filled the form and submit the application, it redirect to Home page without showing a sucessful and check email message. At the back end, there is no record (the user name not showing up in ‘pending’ or ‘Manage Signup’) of this application. The user did not get activation email either.

    This is what I have done.
    1. I disabled all the plugin including bp and use a 2015 theme.
    Wordpress registration and activation works well.
    2. I activate bbpress plugin, and it still worked.
    3. I activate buddypress. Registration is in Register Page, and I can not register any more (and there is no error message in SCRIPT_DEBUG). I am redirected to Home after Submit.
    4. I edit Setting>General, change it to ip address, remove www or add www back, it does stop to redirect to Home without www. But login wise, it is no help.

    5. I set the permalink to post name and nothing changes.
    6. I disabled all the redirect in the settings I can find in the dashboard, nothing changes.

    I notice the action field of signup_form is empty. but it comes with the theme. I do not think it is relavant.

    Does anyone what problem it is? And if i have to look into the code, where should I start?

    Many Thanks!

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  • It looks like you’ve tried all the normal investigative things, so thanks.

    Not sure without debugging the code — but why does registration on your site take me to ? Totally different URL etc.

    I wonder if that has something to do with it.

    EDIT: is this your testing still? Do you have two different WordPress sites?



    The url there is the server where the website sits.

    The same thing happens when I start from and click signup to go to register page or go directly to It just return 302 and redirect. Any hint on where to start debugging? Which function/directory/.php file should I look into at this point? (I do know how to locate the function that handles the submit action.)

    This is what I put in the general settings for both Site Url and WordPress URL



    WPLMS support kindly fix the problem for em. The reason is I removed the Name field in the user profile from Buddypress Register. Buddypress need the Name field to generate link to profile.



    I have similar problem. and also I can’t find anywhere here CREATE NEW TOPIC / POST link I am using this one.

    When I installed buddypress our site registration option was disabled. So I enabled it now, and then used REPAIR option –> The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Activate, Register. Repair <– But the problem is that REPAIR does nothing. How to fix that problem and create these registration and acitvate pages?

    Also I noticed from installation manual something weird –> Make sure you have pretty permalinks enabled on your WordPress install. <– WTF is that? There in wordpress does not exist option like pretty permalinks. You have plain, numeric, Post name, and other options, but not “pretty permalinks”. Anyway I am using date/postname version at the moment, it should be pretty enough, but still where is that “pretty permalinks” option and where I should find it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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