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  • mjaitly123



    I am using the theme OceanWP and Elementor. My problem is that even when I choose full width for my registration page (individual page setting), BuddyPress seems to be inserting a sidebar on the right. When I set the wide layout for the entire site (which I do not want) in the Customize-General Settings, the sidebar disappears. However, the text boxes become very wide and span almost the entire page and this looks ugly. I cannot access the registration page using elemetor unless I disconnect it from BuddyPress. But, even then I do not see any text boxes on the page. I believe this is so because BuddyPress dynamically puts in the text boxes when a user visits the page. How then can I reduce the width of the text boxes in the registration page (keeping only that page’s setting as full width and not for the whole site) and also format the registration page? I do have the BuddyBuilder plugin but it does not show the registration page.


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