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Registration problem. Need advise ASAP thanks

  • Hey

    I would like to start by saying thanks to creating Buddypress. I love it! And find it so useful to what I have created. But I have few problems.

    1. I try to register a “rest user” . I get a confirmation link to follow, but it does not register me. It says Error and then it does not allowed me to log in. I spoke to Parallelus (Salutation) about this problem, and they told me it is a Buddypress issue.

    2. I am not able to find the tempalte to CREATE AN ACCOUNT when u choose to register so I can add few more lines/subjects as age, profession etc to the registered user profile. At the moment I only have NAME
    Where can I add those line to it, where is the form? I only find contact form, which I have amended perfectly. (once again Parallelus about this issue and they told me it is a Buddypress issue.

    3. I also would like to hide all users for NON Members, how do I do that? At the moment people can see users online and their status event though they are not members. I tried to find a CSS to add the function-is-user-logged-in but cant find.

    4. I have activated the WordPress Social Log in buttons FB, Twitter, Linked etc and they show only when I log in as admin, but I would like it to show under the button REGISTRATION and LOG IN in the front page. I copied the shortcode, but does not work.

    Thanks in advance


    Posted 0 seconds ago # Edit

    I get this message

    An error occurred when the site was getting It may be down for maintenance or be configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Load the Web page again later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was that the server could not fulfill the request.

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