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Registration-Profle fields

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    I’ve found quite a few posts on registration and profile fields but none exactly about my problem (which makes me think I’m missing something very basic or others would have posted about it.)

    I’m running WP+Buddypress both current.

    In the WP Profile there are separate fields for User Name, First Name, Last Name and Nick name with the ability to choose which you wish displayed. If these fields are changed in the WP Profile they are displayed properly in BuddyPress. But I see no way to allow users to access these fields in their Edit Profile page in BP or more importantly to include them in the BP registration form.

    I definitely need the First Name and Last Name fields to be separate as they are in the WP profile and I want to allow users to choose what form of name is displayed.

    Is anyone familiar with this issue?

    Is there something basic I’m missing about the integration of WP and BP?

    Any links to suggested sources or other guidance greatly appreciated.

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