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Registration Questions

  • ryanb898


    I’m still sorting the confusion of the theme I bought that uses buddypress and a bunch of other things for its social features.. I’m working on the registration fields, I fixed a glitch from earlier in the week that messed up the way the theme would present login and register.. under buddypress in my dashboard now I’m trying to edit the profile fields section where I found a lot of great things to add to the registration process… I cant however fit any of them in my themes register box pop up.. each field scrolls down page as I add.. I know this is most likely theme related but anyone know how I can make them appear this way [email info, username][profile fields]

    instead of [ ]
    [ ]

    ill probably end up contacting my theme provider but figured id ask that^, the real reason I came here is to ask, if I remove all profile fields from the registration page.. how can I create a page for them to fill in after they register and have the info appear on their “base” info page… also is there a way to disable name change after registration?

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