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Registration Reload Error: Lets Get This Solved

  • Baconbits


    So I have been browsing through every thread related to the subject, and have seen very little solutions and very few lucky folks who had the problem find a solution. I’ve been working very hard to root out the problem so please bear with me, I need assistance. A solution to this problem would help a LOT of BP users.

    My problem: (using WP 3.5 / BP 1.6.2) Registration is broken on random browsers, seems to come to life for some people under very random circumstances. Still 50+% of my potential users are submitting their info and the register page just simply reloads with no error.
    -Disable all plugins except buddypress: No luck
    -Use BP default theme, with fresh buddypress install: on MY computer, IE will suddenly be able to register, but not firefox, and still every other person to try to register fails.
    -htaccess is unaltered from its original state
    -“allow users to register” is checked
    -no form of captcha, or custom registration page is being used.

    On a hunch, I created a locally hosted test server and downloaded a backup of my WEBSITE files (not the SQL database). I got the website to function 100% as it currently does (without my users, I’m not sure how to export/import BP users and profiles). Lo and behold, under the exact same circumstances I can register under every browser under the sun, on multiple PCs on my local network.

    This tells me there is something wrong with my database (and obviously the other users reporting the same problem — if its not your plugins or theme, its a db issue).

    So now my question, how can I go about squeezing the junk out of my database that could be causing this (if anybody agrees that I’m right). Over the months I have used and removed well over 100 plugins that I’m sure have left their traces all over the database. Something in there must be causing the problem.

    If I can’t root out the error, would it be possible to create an entirely new database and only import ALL user data (name, email, password, avatars, activity stream posts, etc)… I don’t want to annoy my users by having them log in to see they have lost any data. If this is possible then I would have my current up to date website as it is, without a single papertrail of plugins that are long since deleted.

    What do you guys think? I realize this is a very rough issue so any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve been tinkering for days trying to figure this out, many of us are losing users because of this.

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  • modemlooper


    Don’t test plugins on a live site. Use a local install. Are there tables left behind from plugins? You can drop these. You can also export all the bp- wp- tables, wipe out the db, re install and then import the tables back in.

    I would first go through db and find anything unusual. It could have been a connect plugin.



    quote from @SeriousDon

    users are submitting their info and the register page just simply reloads with no error.
    created a locally hosted test server ………. got the website to function 100%

    Have had similar experience but in the reverse

    created a local site (though with a lot of customization) all well locally with registration 100%

    put it up on a host and registration page just reloads with no errors.

    Have no great experience but could it be version differences of php, or mysql etc. ???
    or more likely as modemlooper suggests left over tables from a discarded plugin maybe a disable or auto activation plugin.

    I think (though will not name as i’m not 1000% certain) one wp managed hoster had a reports of a similar type problem from a few clients and they eventually fixed it.

    Stumped! there are a few results on google search terms —> buddypress register registration reload reloads refresh and a buddypress ticket (now closed) #4477

    At first all registration was disabled regardless of theme.

    Then as suggested in one of the google results I removed an anti spam addition from htaccess and i got back registration in bp default and the other themes.

    but no registration yet for the theme that “caused” the problem



    @modemlooper I ditched as many of the option tables as I could find, it didn’t solve the problem. I was wrong about it being a database problem it seems. Thank you — I found a solution for me; hopefully it hepls other users

    @valuser – I figured out a very simple solution that completely saved my website this morning, try it out: on the sidebar where buddypress came with the built in login widget (top right of your sidebar), you’ll notice “Please create an account to get started”.. For me, this link takes you to

      register-2 being the slug for my registration page

    .. If you try to sign up in here there are 0 issues across the board.

    So I went into my wordpress – settings – reading and removed “registration” from my homepage and instead made a static homepage “start” which contains a brief about my website, a link (Sign Up Here) that takes you to and the shortcode for login

    (I found the login shortcode can be found here

    You don’t have to go about it the same route I did, but short and sweet do not use the registration page you created for buddypress as your home page.. add the SLUG to your website url.. (probably register or registration). problem solved.

    Let me know how that goes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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