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registration YIKES

  • Ok, very odd problem.

    I added a user radkins via the standard registration form. I gave him a username, full name, and email address. I also chose his status (undergraduate student) custom field value that is part of the initial signup process. I assume the verification email was sent.

    During the morning, a couple of other users added themselves. With no known issue.

    Later, I added another user smkeith (me) complete with full name and email. The status info chosen was staff and undergraduate student. I validated and logged in immediately…only the full name field was Raph Adkins (note the previous user), and the status was Undergraduate Student.

    So, I created both users using the registration form, and logged into the smkeith user since it was a test account. The smkeith account showed the full name of the radkins account as well as the status of the radkins account. In the database the username and email address were right for smkeith, but the meta field in wp_signups had the info from the radkins user.

    Thoughts? No, I haven’t created a ticket in trac yet, I thought I’d throw it out here first to see if anyone else is seeing similar issues.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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