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Registration/Login Integration with Google/Facebook/Beyond!!!

  • I just installed buddypress onto my arras theme. I currently have both the facebook connect and the friendconnect (google/openid) plugins. This means one person could have 3+ ways of logging into my site, which creates 3+ users for the same person in wordpress.

    I’d like to at least reduce that from happening by having the facebook connect and friendconnect (google) options on the REGISTRATION page, where they do not currently show-up.

    Currently facebook connect shows up on the login page. Friendconnect only shows up underneath comments.

    Please help!

    PS See my site here – I would LOVE Your tips!!!!
    PSS Constant Contact plug-in stopped showing up on registration page too after I installed the theme my login plugin :(

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  • hey Colage, did you have any luck resolving this issue?

    To clarify, do these plugins work as expected when used with just wordpress, but not when integrated with buddypress?

    It seems like a lot of people are urging Janrain engage to make their plugin compatible with buddypress. Maybe you can add your vote too.



    I simply use the facebook connect. and have disabled any other form of registration or login.
    and i only get 1 user unless they have multiple facebook accounts and i get the benefit of avoiding the need for any other authentication

    since facebook spend millions confirming its users i get to use that development for free.

    I do know however that 99.9999 % of my users will be facebook users

    So when i look at yoru delema i wonder why you want to offer all those ways and in turn CREATE your own problem

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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