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registrations fail

  • salserosinternational



    I purchased the intergration of Buddypress into my platform via Geodirectory.

    My website is:

    Registering on my website fail when users try to create an account. When trying, there is a notification that they will get a confirmation email in which they will find a link to activate their account. But they never receive the confirmation email.

    However, when I go to my dashboard and view the ‘all users’ section, I see there are pending subscribers. When I activate their account, I receive the ‘new user registration’ notification per email. But the subscriber does not receive any notification per email.

    I have tested with a mail log and smtp plugin to verify which emails are sent. I also tried to register myself with another email address and indeed I didn’t receive any confirmation email.

    Plus, I have asked my hosting provider and Geodirectory. Both said they could not help further as the issue does not come from the server nor from the script of Geodirectory as they don’t send any confirmation email upon registration. Also, Geodirectory said it is a Buddypress email, so I should ask the Buddypress team.

    Could you please help me?


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