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Reinstalling Buddypress onto existing site

  • I’ve got one blog located …. /blog/ folder – and it’s been there for 5-1/4 years and MySQL database huge and tons of post.

    I wanted to start a buddypress in the …/ root folder and I did just that about 3 weeks ago. Now I have about 28 users, excluding spam accounts created, and I’ve set it up, have a nice template, added about 55 plugins and still whittling them down, added content, etc ..Have about 60 groups and forum topics created but, mostly in anticipation really .. ‘created’ but not used yet.

    There is continual conflict with the caching between both the …/ root and …/blog/ .htaccess and permalinks and everyday one site’s permalinks (usually .,../blog/ rewrites itself the rule back to ../ root) .. and my CPU resources have increased from about 50% to 85% in the past 3 weeks

    Ideally – if I were starting from scratch – I think I would want a community on the …/ root and a …/blog/ for the main blog or even have the blog also in the ../root. WP3.0.1 is a multisite and i could have one installation for both situations. But, how can I do this without rearranging all the permalinks, and outsite links and inward links and other considerations I haven’t even thought of yet? The MySQL database (or at least the backup) ranges between 20-40MB in size without buddypress … I can see that community growing in size over time.

    SO – can someone please talk me out of trying to change this?

    Or – can someone talk me into this and help me figure out how to get import everything from the root buddypress into the ../blog/ site and then change that from the blog to the root ??


    PS existing sites in question:

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