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Remove blog on group delete

  • Currently I’ve got bp-groupblog setup to create a blog whenever a group is created. I was looking for an action to hook when a blog is deleted, but was unable to find any that were called before the groupmeta for the group is deleted. I found groups_delete_group and groups_group_deleted, both of which are called to late.

    I could just add a new action, but I’m trying to keep buddypress modification free if possible.

    Are there any other solutions?

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  • jivany


    I think you’re going to have to open a ticket to get a new hook added into groups_delete_groupmeta so you can process the meta info before it gets wiped out.

    I figured out a work around.

    The whole group delete process is started by hooking the ‘wp’ action at priority 4. I created a function at priority 3 to save the information from the groupmeta into a global variable and use that later on. Nasty, but effective.



    It’s probably still a good idea to open a ticket and request a new hook.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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