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[Resolved] Remove Dashboard Access

  • MBonner


    I searched for an answer but only found older threads pointing me to a plugin that hasn’t been updated since early last year.

    Is there a reason BuddyPress has frontend login and registration but will take users to the dashboard once they activate their emails?

    Is there a way to remove dashboard access and/or redirect users to their profile after account activation?

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  • fkapnist


    I added these lines to my theme settings to remove WordPress dashboard icons from the toolbar:

    #wp-admin-bar-wp-logo { display:none; }
    #wp-admin-bar-site-name { display:none; }

    Henry Wright


    @fkapnist the problem with hiding the icons is members can still access the dashboard by typing in the URL.

    Instead, you could do a redirect for non-administrators?




    That same plugin that hasn’t been updated since early 2013 works superbly. It wasn’t updated because there’s absolutely nothing to update! It does such a basic task that doesn’t warrant any upgrades whatsoever. More so, there are some plugins that haven’t been updated since 2010 that are still working fine.

    Do a proper search in the BP plugins repo and as of the last count, there is a valid plugin that solves your issue.

    Utilise Better WordPress Security plugin to make your wp-admin inaccessible and this plugin to take care of ALL non-admin users:

    Hope this solves your problem.



    I wanted an Ajaxified login along with removal of dashboard access and I’m using 2 plugins:
    Remove Dashboard Access
    Login With Ajax

    Login With Ajax also has a settings panel that allows you to redirect the users (globally or role based) upon login and logout, so it replaces the BP Redirect to Profile, as well, if you’re looking for that type of login functionality to go along with the redirect.

    BP Redirect to Profile doesn’t block wp-admin access in and of itself, it just redirects the user to their profile upon login, but doesn’t block the admin if they put the URL in directly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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