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Remove /members/ pages?

  • Tom Dyer



    I’ve got a bbPress forum and would like to add Private Messaging. Looking around the web, it would appear my best bet is to install BuddyPress and disable all functionality except for the Private Messages.

    I’ve done that, and although it works, I have an issue with this set-up:

    ‘Almost’ duplicate profile pages.
    bbPress creates /forums/user/usernamehere to display user information, like Topics/Replies they have created.
    BuddyPress creates /members/usernamehere to display a user profile – to display their recent activity and send/receive PM’s.

    I only want ONE profile (preferably the forum style one) but I’d like the Private Message functionality added to it.

    Is there a way to disable all /members/ style pagee?
    And is there a short-code or something that I can add to a template for bbPress to use in order to add the Private Messages functionality to a bbPress user profile?

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  • Henry Wright


    You’ll need /members/username/messages/ in order for private messages to work. You could disable the rest such as /members/username/settings/ using a redirect function hooked to template_redirect

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