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Remove Tabs in Activity, Profile, Groups, etc.

  • jalien


    To make navigation easier and more colourful, I want to remove the tabs in the Buddypress “pages” like Activity, Profile, Groups, Members and any “pages” added by other Buddypress plugins like Buddypress Links for example.

    Then I want to replace these tabs with widgets or hard coded sections with a short summary of the activity or options in each section with graphic as a visual hint of what each was about.

    For example the Blogs section would list that user’s blogs and then have maybe the last 3 excerpts from with a thumbnail from each blog.

    Of course there are widgets for “Most Recent Activity” and “Recent Users”, and “Groups”, but these only provide a listing, they don’t give a view of what is in each section.

    I have no idea where to start and how to do this into a child theme or if it is possible. Thanks for any help.

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