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Removing members tab kills links

  • b1gft


    I am starting a new site so membership is nil. Hence I do not want readers to see there is no members. I have removed the members tab, but that then kills the links on the top right of the bar, where it says howdy.

    I have tried this on two themes, the second being the default theme.

    I have tried it on the main and test site, same result.

    I have the latest BP and WP.

    How can I remove the members tab but still keep those links.

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  • Ben Hansen


    how exactly did you “get rid of” the members tab?



    On the default theme I just removed it from the menu bar. On the other theme which automatically shows pages, I made it private.
    Same results both ways, stoped the links working.

    Ben Hansen


    wait so you saying that when you take the menu item out in appearance > menus it effects your wp adimn bar?

    if the theme is showing all pages you might be able to just delete the page but i’m not sure if that would break buddypress or not.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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