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Reordering Nav Items on a single Group display page

  • Hello BuddyPress Community,

    I had previously created a function that would reorder the nav items on a single group display page, but it was broken by a recent BuddyPress upgrade.

    Can anybody recommend a revision to this function that might cause it to work within the new BuddyPress environment?

    `function bbg_change_group_tab_order() {
    global $bp;

    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’10’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’20’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’30’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’40’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’50’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’60’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’70’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’80’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’90’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’93’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’96’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’97’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’98’;
    $bp->bp_options_nav = ’99’;
    add_action( ‘wp’, ‘bbg_change_group_tab_order’);`

    I already noticed that if I change the action from ‘wp’ to ‘bp_group_options_nav’ then it is at least firing off in what seems to be the correct location – just before the group navigation is output. Unfortunately it seems as though the bp_options_nav array is now different than it was before.

    Thank you very much for any help you can offer.


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