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Repairing Installation

  • metalhead


    One of my BP features is malfunctioning. It’s the “Compose Private Message” feature. The “To:” textbox has simply vanished. I’m not sure when this happened, because nobody on my site uses the feature often.

    However, I want to fix this problem. What steps can I take to get that functionality back? I’m hesitant to completely re-install BP, because I’m afraid I’ll lose user account data.

    Here’s what’s going on:

    Image of Compose Screen

    A couple days ago, I posted a support message on “Element lost in the system,” and I’m sorry about the double-post, but as you can tell I’m now looking into re-installing a portion of BP instead of worrying about css getting “lost in the system.”

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  • shanebp


    Have you customized any BP templates?
    Either in the plugin or in your child theme?

    Look at this file, it’s the one you should be using.

    Are you using the BP Default theme? You shouldn’t.

    It may be a theme conflict – test by momentarily switching to a WP theme like 2015.



    I copied a fresh compose.php over to my child-theme and all is good now. Thanks very much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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