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Replace BuddyPress Avatars with Custom User Meta Avatars

  • gunn4r


    I use the PODs CMS framework plugin to add a bunch of custom user meta fields including an avatar field. All of my users will be registered manually and their avatars will be set when they are created. I want to use the avatars I set through PODs instead of the buddypress avatar (which because I have disabled gravatars, is the default mystery man).

    With PODs if I call get_avatar() it pulls in the avatar I upload.

    I have been up and down the bp-core-avatars file and looked at the filters for bp_core_fetch_avatar and bp_core_fetch_avatar_url and I can’t seem to get anything to work.

    Before I put my fist through my monitor, I’d love to see if anyone can help me with this issue. Not sure why it’s so difficult, it seems like it should be easy… (frankly BP should just look to see if theres a non-default avatar WP avatar through get_avatar and if so, use that.)


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  • shanebp


    I can see why you’d look at bp-core-avatars functions.

    But have you tried just replacing the avatar calls in templates with your own function?

    You’ll have to hunt down the calls in several templates, but probably easier than messing with core-avatar filters given that you don’t want anything from bp avatar code anyway.

    Try it in something like the members loop first:

    Members Loop

    Of course, in your theme, create an over-ride of the members-loop template first.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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