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Replace Order By with Links

  • ketzita


    In the members-loop, I want to replace the “Order By” (Newest, Last Active, etc) with simple links at the top of the page.

    I want to do this because the Order By code is somewhat buggy, and it takes up more screen space than 2 little links would.

    My problem is that I don’t know how to create the code for the links. I have read this article: Buddypress Codex – Members-loop, but I’m finding it difficult to put it all together. I know where to insert the code (in index.php) but I can’t figure out how to assemble the needed code.

    For the first link, “newest” “It looks like I need to incorporate the bp_has_members() function, with the argument “newest” with my the link. If anyone could help me with creaing that code, then making my other link (“active”) will be very simple for me to do on my own.

    To clarify, here’s what’s going on now:
    Order By (now)

    Here’s a photoshop’d image of what I’m trying to create:
    No More Order By

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