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Replacing default BuddyPress Forum with bbPress

  • Tim Wilson


    I have set up a new WordPress blogging website with a BuddyPress members only community back end consisting of 10 groups.

    Each group has it own separate bbPress forum. This all works OK except BuddyPress has its own forum which is bland and limited and bbPress is the “nice” functional forum which I want to use. Both these forums appear to be linked i.e a post to the bpPress forum also appears in the BuddyPress forum space although it seems that either can be independently deleted.

    As it stands I find having these two forums confusing and messy from a user perspective.

    What I want to do is replace the BuddyPress forum with the bpPress forum so that you only see the bpPress forum on the home page of each group and do away with the group Forum tab which currently links to the bbPress forum.

    I don’t really need each group to do anything else rather than host the bpPress forum. Perhaps a single message on the group home page that a group moderator could change/edit would be a nice addition but it is not essential.

    I have done a lot of Googling and while this problem has been mentioned a few times the solutions suggested seem very old and/or irrelevant.

    I am comfortable with PHP etc but have very limited experience with BuddyPress and bpPress. Of course there may be a plugin which will do all this but I haven’t found one yet.

    I am using WordPress 6.1.1. Buddy Press 11.1.0 bb_press 2.6.9, Theme Blocksy. The url of the website is

    If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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