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  • Mike Pratt


    This is not trivial. Heck, Facebook just months ago got around to it.

    -> Allow users to reply to the email drop copy messages they receive. This will probably have to be done on a “by type” basis eg private messages, forum replies, @mentions, friend requests, etc.

    Unique ID’s will need to be generated and matched on a per message basis and tons of parsing magic is required.

    I realize this is more convenience than necessity for the younger demographic btu for sites like ours with a wide spectrum of age demo, if I ha da $1 for every 70 year old that hit the reply button on their email and sent me (really Bob!) a nice message to the admin!

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  • I think andrew_s1 is trying to achieve the same thing but for bbP (maybe I am wrong, but that’s what I understood from his blog:



    I think this might be one of those pie in the sky things for the average BP user. The hardware/hosting requirements alone would put this into the realm of big dollar, highly active web communities.

    That said, it might be possible to use Gmail to achieve a version of this. Gmail allows you to do user+tag@doman.tld. If you had your own Google Apps for your Domain accounts setup, you might be able to do something where you create a new Gmail address for each BP user and then user a unique tag for each status update. Something like username+asdf1256@domain.tld. Obviously, this email address would have to be “hidden” from the user and not something they are allowed to use for regular email.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Google Apps has an unlimited user option.

    Hmm, now that I think about it a little more, you might be able to use one Gmail account and just use the tags to achieve the same thing. I guess it all depends on how large those tags can be in the email address.

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