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Replying to activity entries on subdomain

  • I’m running BuddyPress on a WP 3.0 Multisite, and I’m listing activity entries on blog pages on those subdomains.
    Posting activity entries from subdomains and listing them on subdomains work ok, and if I go to the permalink for a single entry I can read it and reply to it, this takes place under the main blog address.
    The issue I’m trying to resolve is when I click to reply to an entry right in the list of entries on a blog on a subdomain. The entries are listed, but when I click to reply I briefly see a reply posting field appear, but then it disappears in a fraction of a second, and the page scrolls a few lines down but no reply posting form is visible anymore. This seems very puzzling to me, I need a little help figuring it out.

    I’m wondering if this is related to the subdomain being just that, a subdomain with f.ex. instead of the main domain at f.ex.
    Any ideas on how I can make the reply form work on subdomain blogs?

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