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req (1.2): registration:user_later_for_blog… ;)

  • What i mean is to make a choice to let people register their account and only have the right to create a blog later… so it would not block people to create new blogs after they register… because if we set “registration” to “user” only, we can not manage any blog in the future…

    the logical problem come from the fact that a lot of visitors register on the site and create a blog on registration but for no reason.. they just fill the form as the rest, thinking it could lead somewhere… but we also know that it take some learning to be able to deal with the blogs, even if wordpress is easy to deal with…

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  • Does the “Only logged in users can create new blogs” option in the WPMU admin not do this?

    ARGH, forget it… the last trunk corrected it… strangely, there was no “My Blogs” menu in the adminbar…

    and the translation is wrong also… looks like i will have to write down a real French international language file… nobody is ever able to read/translate properly… rofl *(Only the creation of an user account is permitted)

    i’ll have to check further more to see if it was just a glitch…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
  • The topic ‘req (1.2): registration:user_later_for_blog… ;)’ is closed to new replies.
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