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Request for assistance in duplicating BuddyPress pages in Arabic

  • adm2024in


    I’m currently working on an Arabic version of our BuddyPress website.

    In order to create a complete user experience in Arabic, I’d like to duplicate some important BuddyPress-related pages, such as “Members”, “Activity”, “Groups”, “User Profile” and “Forums”, and translate them into Arabic, the pages must be displayed in Arabic, but the provider link displays it in English, when I translate the page, it translates the French version too.

    However, I’m encountering difficulties in implementing this duplication, and am seeking your assistance in guiding me on the best approach to take. Could you please provide me with detailed instructions or relevant resources to help me accomplish this task successfully?

    I would like to thank you in advance for your valuable assistance. Your expertise will be of great importance in ensuring the success of this initiative.

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