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Request: omit excerpt in widget

  • stellakreis


    Counting “words” is not compatible with multibyte language, in which an excerpt made from N words always turns to be a huge article of N linebreaks.

    This makes buddypress frontpage quite unfriendly with lots of long articles, making it very very long. I’ve tried out the “solutions” posted in the forum but nothing helped me out.

    It would be nice if I can simply choose either to have or not excerpts in frontpage widget, such as sitewide activity or recent sitewide posts.

    I think brief information of title, author and posted place is fairly enough for a frontpage; at least better that a choice between nothing and pile of huge articles.

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  • plrk


    You could probably doing something like

    .site-wide-activity-widget blockquote { display: none; }

    in your custom.css file. (Note that the above sample won’t work, but something similar.)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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