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Required Profile fields don't work

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  • That is not the experience I’m finding, required fields left empty are returning an error, so please check all your mods and alternative methods of signing in/registering



    @hnla I just installed BP Force Profile but I don’t think that was the problem.

    The problem is the back end in wordpress. When a profile field is filled out it is not showing up on the back end under the users tab in wordpress.

    I get the username but that is all. Can I view a registered users info somewhere?

    Say I register and filled out the First name and Last name field. When I go look at users in wordpress those fields are not filled in? I just want to make sure people put in there full names. Otherwise its hard to tell if its a real person or just another spam bot.




    @supernaturalbrews user profile extended fields doesn’t show up in the dashboard. you can however click on a member in the front end then as an admin you will see the toolbar change up near the left where it says edit member. click edit member/edit profile and then you can see what info they entered in the extended profile fields.



    Thanks @bphelp. Would have been nice to have it on the back end but that will work for now.

    I did notice that members that logged in prior to the installation of BP Force Plugin don’t have fields for First Name, Last name, and date of birth which is odd. Those fields were on the registration form and were “required” through bp. It appears that BP Force is the only way to make them be actually “required”.

    I now have to get the fields back on the users that don’t have them. I have so many questions and issues with buddypress… I’ll keep plugging away…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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