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Resend activation email

  • threwthenevr


    Anyone know where I can find the code to create a resend activation email by having new user click a link to resend the activation email?

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  • Henry Wright


    You can trigger an activation email manually:

    bp_core_signup_send_validation_email( $user_id, $user_email, $activation_key );

    You will need to get $user_id, $user_email and $activation_key before hand.



    Tyvm for the reply.

    It seems I get redirected to a 404 page when the resend activation email link is clicked.
    Here’s the path that leads to it.
    Most likely a plugin conflict since I hide wp pages from the public.

    I’m trying to do something similar like the code below.
    class=”bp_registration_needs_activation”>Resend Activation Email




    Yup was wp security plugin, I changed my wp-login.php to login.

    I made the changes in all the .php files I needed. Works flawlessly.

    Ty again for the help.



    Update: nvm it only worked flawlessly when I had it all to the default wp-login.php.

    When someone registers to my site they are redirected to my buddypress register.php and within that page is would say thank you for registering please check your email for activation link.

    I wanted to place a resend activation email on the same page so I placed this code in that register.php file

    $resend_url=( ‘If you have not received an email yet, click here to resend it.’, ‘buddypress’ ), esc_url( $resend_url ) );

    The problem is ran into is the plugin wp security I use has an option to change the wp-login.php to whatever I want so I just renamed it to /login.

    I then changed the wp-login.php in the code to login?action and the linked redirected to the correct wp-login now the /login page but never sent the resent activation email.

    I also have it when a user trys to login without activating first it would post an error on the login popup with the resend activation email, if I keep wp-login.php it works but if I change the wp-login.php to just /login it won’t work.

    Those two issues have me confused. I’m totally new to php and recently been studying as much as I can but all the documentation out there had me struggling to Figuer this out.
    Does anyone by chance have any insight on this?



    Could you share the code for resend the activation email? 🙂 @threwthenevr

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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