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[Resolved] Blog Posts in Activity Stream

  • Hi guys, i have a problem with buddypress. Testing my new website i do it local, with instant wordpress and everything go good, show me on activity all post that I make on wordpress, but now when I try put online on buddypress in activity give me this message (Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.) And I have many post so what happen?

    PD: 1 More thing, when i make something new like new post then bbpress show me on activity my action, but not all post that I make on blog before. Maybe reinstall bbpress? What can I do for show in activity the the history of all post?

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  • Please someone can help me? I really need it.



    my guess is buddypress is only going to have the data to show activity that has been done after buddypress has been installed.

    I don’t think buddypress will show you any activity prior to having the plugin installed. Which to be honest is a good thing, especially if you have a site with years and years of activity, and only now are you installing buddypress. I’d imagine that could bog down your site real fast.

    Thanks a lot for answer me dude, thanks. Ok maybe is that but before when I make test on local, i have post too before install buddypress, and show me on activity my last posts. Maybe is true if page is old but my is new, and I make only like 7 or 11 post. Thanks again, I will try see if I fine some solution ;)

    Well is not the best solution but I export all post and then delete all post permanently, after I import post and now show me all in activity.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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