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[RESOLVED] BP 1.6 BP_Group_Extension (extended) widget_display() – wont work

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    i have run into slight prob: vis:

    using BP 1.6 and basically following code here:

    all works fine, except cant find where to administer or display group widgets as defined by the overridden widget_display().

    cant see any output anywhere, front or back end.

    i get the impression these are not ordinary wp widgets, which might be further confusing me.

    what i am doing wrong?

    thanks for any assistance.

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  • I’m 99% the group widgets were something that was never fully? implemented, or the logic in the templates have always been incorrect. I’m not sure what the intention with them was.

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    lol :) excellent answer! thanks Paul. that sort of explains why i couldnt make sense of them.

    looking a bit closer, i see that:

    in file: bp-groups-classes
    class: BP_Group_Extension
    function/method: _register


    var $ display_hook = ‘ groups_custom_group_boxes ‘;

    `if ( bp_is_group() ) {
    if ( $ this->visibility == ‘public’ || ( $ this->visibility != ‘ public ‘ && $ bp->groups->current_group->user_has_access ) ) {`

    // Hook the group home widget
    if ( !bp_current_action() && bp_is_current_action( ‘ home ‘ ) )
    add_action( $ this->display_hook, array( & $ this, ‘ widget_display ‘ ) );

    – then in file bp-groups-template.php:

    function bp_custom_group_boxes() {
    do_action( ‘ groups_custom_group_boxes ‘ );

    – which doesnt appeare to be called from anywhere in BP 1.6 (or its std theme)

    – though does i suppose make the hook available (on group home only), were i to override the default template or call the theme/template func. bp_custom_group_boxes.

    i cant think of a use for it yet either. but i’m sure i will.

    thanks again

    ps. code backquotes seem to be broken at the moment – thus i put spaces around $ signs etc above – hope its stil readable

    Right, I can’t see how this will ever be true:

    `if ( !bp_current_action() AND bp_is_current_action( ‘home’ ) )`

    If current action is set to ‘home’, then it won’t be false. It also doesn’t take into account BP_GROUPS_DEFAULT_EXTENSION which was added in 1.5 :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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