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[Resolved] Creating Tables – automated please!

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    I am going crazy – I am neither an HTML expert nor a CSS scripter. I need tables pleae. Am using Kompozer to create the page layouts (HTML), but it has no formatting for cell properties borders, only a border for the whole table.

    Wordpress/BuddyPress has no ‘visual’ tool to create and format a table. I’ve now spent hours looking for a ‘visual’ toolbar plugin that will allow table creation & cell formatting, i.e. colour and borders etc. The wordpress plugin that I installed did nothing – 1) 2) The visual toolbar did not ‘update’ to show these options, so I de-activated.

    I’ve had a look at the CSS Tutorial, but it is totally above my pay grade….

    Please, what help (if any). Thank you very, very much.

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  • No need to help. I uninstalled ‘font’. Saw in the dashboard the Ultimate TinyMCE
    (Install). Installed it. And now I have true options on my visual editing bar.

    Please close this topic. Apologies for the bother.

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