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{RESOLVED} Gave up, BUT….

  • hiresphereadmin


    Ok, so I gave up on bp-corporate…’s just broken…….so I decided to go with a regular WordPress theme (Redline) with the bp theme pack. But I don’t really understand the instructions. It says to alter the html structure of the header, footer, and sidebar php’s to resemble my themes (redline) page.php (or index.php). Redline’s page.php reads, for example:

    `<div id="primary"`

    and the footer.php reads, for example:

    `<div id="footer"`

    So am I changing `<div id="footer"` to `<div id="primary"` ?

    That doesn’t seem right to me, but I don’t know………

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  • No.

    You need to mod the temple so it has the same header, sidebar and footer as your theme (redline)

    * Template: Page.php
    * @package RedLine
    * @subpackage Template

    [Buddypress Pack template code (remove header, sidebar & footer calls]

    php get_sidebar(); ?>
    php get_footer(); ?>`

    The template pack is good for theme developers but its not an easy fix. It will require lots of custom coding and css to look and work right. I think you would be much happier modding the default BP theme. It would only take a little css to get the look of the Redline WP theme.



    ok, thank you!!! But I don’t know how to modify bp-default to look like redline…..I was trying to follow the instructions for the Buddypress theme pack added to a WordPress theme……where can I find the instructions for modifying bp-default?



    Awesome! I reverted to bp-default and it does the tick just fine!……Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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