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[Resolved] HELP!!! My whole website has gone blank.

  • gcoulby


    I have just disabled the groups function on my site (which is on a localhost) and the whole site, the admin area and everything is now just returning a blank page. Is there a way to re-enable groups from the core files, or phpmyadmin or anything which does NOT involve accessing the inaccessible site.

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  • Roger Coathup


    sounds like you have something in your theme’s function.php (or perhaps a plugin) that’s using a groups function without checking whether it exists.

    Try renaming the folder for your theme, and if that doesn’t work, check through your plugins folder for an obvious suspect and rename.



    The bad news …waking up at half past 6, on my day off, and seeing this message; therefore instantly activating my brain. The good news …the problem is fixed before breakfast. YOU ARE A LEGEND! You are a legend I had tried renaming my theme folder and even tried naming the plugin folder (which doesn’t work as too many things call the plugins) so I was at a loose-end and about to rebuild. However, I was confident that my custom functions file was clean, despite calls for the groups (as they were all contained in “if”s …So I began naming all of the plugins that controlled groups in buddypress the two in question were “Buddypress group control” & “buddypress groups extra” I now have groups re-enabled and also know how to safely disable it. THANK YOU!

    Logically one wouldn’t be running a plugin that affected groups if group component was disabled but equally one could be deactivating both but not in the correct order i.e disable group plugin then the BP groups, thus best if plugin runs a simple check to establish if groups enabled and if not to stop loading. Contact the author of the plugin that caused the issue and ask/suggest that a check is put in for future versions?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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