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[Resolved] Rename ’Avatar’ to ’Photo’ throughout site

  • googleyb


    Hi there,

    This has been killing me for days. I’m trying to rename the word ‘Avatar’ across my BP site but I can’t do it. I’ve used a new language file (buddypress-en_US.po & .mo edited and created with Poedit, placed in WP languages folder) but that doesn’t work. It’s like that info is being pulled from elsewhere.

    I know the language file is worked as under ‘Profile’ it changed the ‘Change Avatar’ tab (next to ‘Edit’) to ‘Change Profile Photo’ but all the info under that tab isn’t changed (see below):


    Change Avatar

    Your avatar will be used on your profile and throughout the site. If there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that, or you can upload an image from your computer.

    Click below to select a JPG, GIF or PNG format photo from your computer and then click ‘Upload Image’ to proceed


    Please help!

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  • Tammie Lister


    Are you using the default theme or are you using a custom theme? I ask because that text should be in the theme and using a different language file.

    You can find it under your theme main directory > members > single > profile > change-avatar.php.



    Absolute legend – that’s sorted it! I am using Custom Community but (obviously) it’s under WP themes, not BP. I never thought of that! Thanks so much!

    Tammie Lister


    Cool, glad that worked it can be a bit of a ‘where’s text hunt’ in what is theme or what is plugin.

    Thanks guys! Good pick up. I have been able to change mostly everywhere.

    Two places where I can’t find how to change:

    The Actual “Change Avatar” button and the notification “Your avatar have been successfully uploaded”

    Any clew?



    Hi cjpascal,

    I want to do the same thing. Did you find out where to change it?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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