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[Resolved] Rich Text Editing in forum topics

  • mort3n


    I have tried to give my users the option to use rich text editing in forums, both topics and replies, in various ways. After trying several plugins, this is what I ended up doing. I’m sure there are better ways, but this works for me. Hope it may help someone.

    Only a >textarea< is available in topics and replies in the forums. On some sites a wysiwyg editor is relevant.

    Create your own theme, no .. wait .. stop .. it’s a lot easier than even I thought :-)

    and it let’s you change things without having them reset when you update BP. Having your own theme is dead useful for lots of things as I’m still finding out…

    If you, as I am, are happy using the bp-default theme, then there is an easy to follow recipe here:

    Now, if you have added code to bp-default/functions.php you should move it to my-theme/functions.php. That way the code won’t be overwritten at update :-)

    Back to wysiwyg editing.

    First, add a rich text editor when creating a topic.
    Create the folder structure my-theme/groups/single/ and copy the file bp-default/groups/single/forum.php into it. Open the copy of the file in your theme and make the following replacement

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  • mort3n


    Ohh, I should add that this plays nicely with tinyMCE advanced and probably also with Ultimate tinyMCE and other editors.

    The user should be allowed to use the editor as per the setting Users -> user -> Personal Settings -> Visual editor in the Dashboard.




    Big kudos for you mort3n!

    I was just about to trow my pc out of the window after putting so much effort in getting the group forums to work and finding out it only had a boring plain text editor…

    You just saved my day thnx for it, worked like a charm and was so easy!



    @mort3n! I can’t see the pictures nor the codes in your message. Can you post them again?



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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