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[Resolved] Search page component missing?

  • jaemaz


    Hey all…

    I have been looking through the forum for a couple of hours looking for a solution, and am posting now as a last resort.

    I just installed BuddyPress as one site in a subdomain on a two site multisite implementation, and I am getting the following message: “…active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Search Page.” Besides this message, everything else seems to be working properly.

    Can anyone explain what this means? I would understand if I received this message and it referenced one of the PAGES setup tab, but since the Search page isn’t on that list of components, I don’t know how to conduct the repair it is asking for.

    Specs are:
    > BuddyPress 1.5.6
    > WordPress 3.4
    > Child Theme of Custom Community Pro 0.7.1


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  • So… it’s a bit messy. When we were building the 1.5 release, to get our search working, we had to internally make BuddyPress think that “search” is a component. This is directly why it is telling you that the search component page mapping is missing, even though the search component doesn’t exist. There’s no way of turning search on or off, though I’m not sure that many people would want to do that.

    When we start building 1.7 (our next release), I think we’ll quite likely change how we handle search so that this confusion goes away.



    Thanks for the clarification.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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