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[Resolved] theme 1.7

  • Famous


    Okay, I’ve read about the theme change for 1.7, however can someone explain how themes will be affected by the 1.7 update?

    I am not sure I understand – it sounds like we will be able to plugin variables into any theme to show buddypress functions instead of using a special BP theme. Is that the case?
    I have also seen alot of talk about wireframes for 1.7. And though I get that it’s important to lay it out, it doesn’t seem to be in any ones benefit to get too caught up in the layout. Because if we will have access to variables and can change them with our own CSS, then that’s all that will matter to most.
    If I am going in the wrong direction please point that out.

    And any heads up on 1.7 is much appreciated – 12.5.12?


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  • modemlooper


    Instead of BP including a header.php sidebar.php and footer.php the plugin will only include a partial template file. So it will fit into most any WP theme.

    Out of the box we must include a base layout/style to make it look ok or people will just delete and call it crap. You will not be stuck with this layout, you can override the css or use your own template files in your theme.



    when is 1.7 coming?



    Got it thanks @modemlooper

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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